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Hi, I’m nemo. I’m 29 years old, female.
I was born and raised in South Africa, but have been living in Italy for some years now. I have recently moved to England.

I created this blog because I have a love for food and being creative in the kitchen. Even though I have not *yet* invented a large number of recipes myself I’d love to share my adventures in the kitchen and find other bloggers who share the same joy of cooking. I welcome comments and constructive criticism on any recipes and any tips or tricks you can teach me are more than welcome too! ^_^

I dont usually follow recipes as they appear, but rather adapt them to my taste. I love reading recipes in books or magazines and just imagining the flavors as i read through the ingredients… i usually end up just using them as study materials for learning which flavors go together or which ingredients are generally accepted as complimentary.

I must admit that I use a lot of chili peppers in my dishes, i love spicy food. It may not always be necessary, but I do use them in almost anything i cook. Like salt, it enhances the flavors… so what’s not to love?

I hope you will enjoy some of the yummy recipes you will find here and give your opinions if you ever dare to try any of them!

Thanks for dropping by my pages.
Buon appetito!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there Nemo:

    I had no clue that you live in Italy – wow…I came over to visit from finding your web blog address at grouprecipes.com’s group about food blogs….There are so many of us food bloggers out there, but we need to show support!

    And now back to Italy…when I was there, I NEVER had a bad meal…it was such a wonderful three week trip where we went and traveled anywhere we wanted to on any given day…

    Many of your recipes here look great! I am sure to bookmark your blog and happy cooking – and of course hope that certification goes really well for you!

  2. Hi Nemo. We found your blog thank to amatomu. We’re a couple living in Siena, Italy and we spent ten amazing days in South Africa one year and a half ago, and since that day we really grew fond of it. Now we’re planning to serve a SA-dinner at home for our friends, but we don’t remember any recipes…may you suggest some tipical,flavoured but not too difficult-meal to prepare?

    thank you so much in advance
    Massimo & luisa
    PS Ho scritto in inglese ma magari avresti capito meglio in italiano..in caso la prossima volta.

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